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Small 48V Battery Phantom Power supply


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Hi all,


Upgrading my measurement setup to include the popular Line6 digital wireless. I know that the Line6 transmitters don't send any power so I need an external 48V Phantom power supply unit that is battery powered. I would also like it to be as small possible.


Battery life isn't a massive factor as I only typically use it for a short while during the initial alignment.


Mics I will mostly be using is the iSEMcon emx-7150 (12-52V) and RTA-420 (9-52V) measurement mics.


Does anyone else have the same setup? If so what power supply do you use? I would rather buy than build.



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As an aside, and not a recomendation! I found myself in desperate need of a phantom supply for a singers mic in the late 70's, at the time I had nothing with phantom power as all of my mics were dynamic or electret with internal batteries, in fact at that time I only had 2 XLR leads as all of my amps/mixers were Jack or Din.


My solution was 5 PP3 batteries soldered in series placing 45V on the centre tap of a transformer with the batteries taped to it.


It then lived 'on the shelf' until I used it again in 2002, after the 25 years 42V was still there and adequate for the purpose.


I've just looked at it again and decided that Duracells do not live up to their claims as all 5 have leaked... after 40 years  :)

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