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Dance Video background creation help


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Hello all,


Can someone point me in the right direction...


I would like to create pretty pattens and wave forms that react to music, export them as video files and then I can sync Qlab to run the track to a PA and the Projection of the video together... - I did a basic version last year using keynote with animated words saved as video clips then synced to the right space on the track so the operator (not me) can click "GO" and not think about anything other than cueing pretty lights!


This time round I would like to create better visuals. thinking a wave line that bounces to the beat of a track...


Would resoulme do this? looking at Milumin, Fusion9 BMD or After effects... VDJ kind of thing but recorded not live as then its the same for the 5 shows!

I'm wondering if some one on here does this if so what's your rate! as it might be easier for someone who has the kit and the ability it might be faster and better... but id like to learn too!


looking forward to your replies...


Oooh the show is End of April 2019 and the Dance teachers are still confirming the tracks used.


Many thanks


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