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Noise on speakers from wireless microphone


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Dear all,


I am facing an issue with having a noise on the speakers when I am using wireless microphone.

The noise comes when the receiver is on, microphone is off. When I turn on the microphone the noise disappear and works perfectly, but if I turn off the microphone the noise starts immediately.

I noticed if I remove the antennas from the receiver the noise disappear. This is happening only on a certain locations, not everywhere.


Kindly note that I am using an Active DI boxes on each output from the audio mixer, with or without lifting an earth, noise still exists.


The wireless set what I use is: https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Wireless-Handheld-Microphone-Diversity/dp/B06WWHGVM2


Many thanks in advance and kind regards.


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increase your squelch threshold on your receiver - this is a noise gate that stops the receiver from outputting spurious noise when it is not receiving the carrier signal from your transmitter. If your wireless system uses a pilot tone or similar it may be worth checking that this is enabled on both receiver and transmitter.


If the problem persists with the squelch threshold increased significantly then it will be worth checking for a channel with lower background interference levels - other wireless users near you may be using similar channels. The simplest way of doing this without RF spectrum analysis is simply to scroll through available channels on your receiver with your transmitter turned off - and looking at the RF level meters on the receiver. Naturally, be careful to stay within your licensed or legally available frequencies.

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