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LED modules with larger spacing


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I'm looking to create a set that will include a number of 2x2 RGB LED modules, each module being a single pixel, to create a very low resolution wall in the background. The modules I'm looking to use are something like http://ledlightingsave.com/index.php/led-module-1/led-module/waterproof-smd-5050-red-led-quad-module-light-dc12v-3.html (although don't need to be waterproof).


My problem is that all of the strings of modules that I've found have a really short distance between each module, normally about 10cm. I want the wall to have the same distance between each module both vertically and horizontally so, in order not to have too many modules (and therefore break the bank!), need the distance between them to be more like 50cm. I can't seem to find any that have this off the shelf so, unless someone on here can point me towards them, I'm in the market for either...

  1. individual modules (rather than pre-assembled strings of them) that can take a standard connector and variable length cables with the same connector that can be used to string them together
  2. an easy way of extending the cables between the modules - I'm thinking of a connector that clamps down and pierces the cable's insulation like a ribbon connector or RJ45 plug does (The idea of soldering all of the cables to extend them, or even using screw terminal blocks, is not particularly appealing!)

Has anyone got any good ideas of how this can be achieved quickly or any links for me to the above?





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You don't say if you need the 4 leds for brightness, but if you can manage with a single LED there's this sort of thing which has a 3-wire connection between blobs for you to solder on - and way cheaper than the module you linked


RGB digital star cloths tend to use this sort of thing with a 10mm RGB led on one side and IDC punch down connectors on the back. I can't find any to buy individually though - maybe Aliexpress would have some options.

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If you're not in a hurry and can wait for a slightly longer lead time then many of the manufacturers in China will make those sorts of products with custom lengths between them. In my experience the turn around for small orders is also quite quick, especially if it is an easy modification (i.e. longer cables) of an existing product.
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Thanks for all the replies guys - really helpful!


Yes, the reason I’m going for 4xLED modules is both for brightness and for projected spread at a short distance.


Will also look for punch down connectors as that’d be ideal.


I’ve already had a reply from one Chinese vendor - will be interesting to find out if they’re happy to do smaller quantities as I’m probably looking for a total of 70 “pixels”. Will look for Ray Wu.


Thanks again

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