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Looking for software or other solution to do THIS


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I've got several video loops I want to send to a projector and be able to switch between them to project behind the band for various songs using a footpedal.

Right now I use a midi footpedal to control DMXIS software and switch between the scenes on a laptop to run the DMX lighting. I'm thinking of a similar setup to control the video clips.

Is there a software available to easily do this? I don't think DMXIS will do this.

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Tonnes of software is around which can do what you are after. QLab, ShowCueSystems (SCS), Midi Video Player, there are about 100 media servers with MIDI support out there too - Catalyst, Hipotizer, Arkaos, Mbox just to name a few. Or you could go with a DMX media server which is then controlled by your lighting software. Or you can roll your own using something like vvvv or praxis.




-edit - missed a 'v'

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