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Futurelight MH 640 lamp always dies


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The pins look fine, so its not a lamp holder problem. The outer envelope looks reflective, which could indicate mercury vapour has condensed on the inside of the outer envelope. This is a bad thing as there shouldn't be anything in the outer envelope. I'm not sure what has caused your lamp to do this, but there might have been a leak from the inner envelope into the outer one.
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Silvering is usually down to excessive strike or drive voltage.


If you've got access to a mulimeter and are confident to stick your probes in the thing whilst it's running, read the voltage across the lamp once its struck. It should stabilise at around 60v DC, dropping rapidly as the lamp heats up. Anything else and you have a ballast fault.


That said, magnetic ballasts are usually highly reliable.


I'd also be tempted to change the ignitor as a precaution.


All the best


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