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Rhodes keyboard parts


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Not sure where to put this post, mods, feel free to move it.


Hi all, I foolishly lent my Rhodes model 660 keyboard to a friend for her daughter to practice for her piano lesons. Of course on its return, a coulpe of notes no longer worked.

Having done a complete stripdown to fix a similar problem when I first aquired it second hand, I took it to bits again, finding all sorts of crumbs and sticky stuff.

While cleaning the keyboard contact board, I must have been venting my fury at this messy child and managed to break the brittle board in two, now I want to cry.

I’ve searched ‘the bay’ with no luck

Does anyone know of a source of replacement parts or an old broken keyboard that could be canibalised?

The part number of the contact board is 22925669-00 Roland.


Thanks in advance

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I did have some success repairing something like that with a conductive ink pen. Example from Farnell is



It depends how badly damaged it is and whether it can be held absolutely rigid once it is repaired. You'd have to scrape away the insulating film either side of the gap and bridge it with the ink. Good luck!

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