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Mixer automatically cutoff?


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Hello all expert,


I'm facing a problem with my mixer.

I use my mixer (Soundcraft EFX12) to output the sound source (mic + pc) to the speaker in a stage. Recently the output music from the speaker is weird. It act like there's a virtual compressor that only output the music that the volume is loud. If my music is soft at the beginning, the output will be automatically cut off the soft music, only output when the music is loud. Do any one here know what happened? Is it a setting problem of my mixer? or problem of my speakers?


here is the gear and setting I use.




Thank you very much!

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This is often caused by dirty contacts on one of your connections, or on an insert jack (not sure if that mixer has them) .


Try unplugging and replugging all your connections a few times to clean the contacts. If the mixer has insert jacks on each channel, put a plug in and out of them a few times.

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