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This works in up to AutoCAD 2015 - Advanced Bridle Calculator Site hasn't been updated in yonks and the Buy now link goes nowhere, so may be no longer available


VectorWorks 2019 has a new module (extra cost) called BraceWorks that does all that apparently


Opening the dwg in VW might be the tricky bit to sort out first!



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Does a software exist wich can open and edit dwg files and calculate loads on bridles in the same time ?


I think there is an app out there that does certain specific venues, but in general no. There isn't enough information in a plan view plot to do this.


You also require some local knowledge, in that it is not always obvious which two beams (or whatever) a point would be best bridled between. For any one point it can depend on a variety of things, not least of all what other points fall in the same area.


Also, the horizontal component of the tension in a bridle leg is a function of the included angle at the root and the 'depth' of the bridle. (ie: How 'flat' or otherwise the bridle is.) This in turn depends on the height of the beams, and to a lesser extent length of hoist chains and desired trim height. There is often a trade-off between keeping bridles to an optimum depth (towards the 60 degree end of a range from 60-90), and getting adequate HoL which might on occasion require something a bit flatter.


In my experience (of working out a *lot* of bridles for many points in the same few venues over and over again), it's not worth the effort of automating the process really. I find I rarely need to know the precise loads in the legs of a bridle. For example - for beams of equal height, if the included angle is below 90 degrees and either beam can take 100% of the load vertically and at least 50% as a horizontal component, that'll do.


If working out the precise loads in most/many of the bridles is really necessary, that should probably ring alarm bells that you're getting close enough to the capacity of the roof to take the maths above the pay-grade of a humble rigger and into structural engineer territory.

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I have a piece of software that does all that and more. It is bespoke for the venue I work in (and a venue I used to work in) :) If you want to know more drop me a PM.


****any rigging software should not be relied on 100% and does not supplant the need to understand the maths and forces in the first place****

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