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Rear Projection Screen Fabric


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I need a price for a 300 inch piece of rear projection screen fabric, with cleat holes to fix to an existing aluminium pipe frame

Apart from J & C Joel & Harkness Hall is there anyone else who does such things in the UK

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There are only three ACTUAL screen manufacturers worldwide based in France, Italy and South Korea. All the people you guys have mentioned are merely distributors for them. Harkness Screens (the Hall bit is no longer, that related to Hall Stage whom Harkness were part of many years ago....and Hall Stage is no more anyway!!) are the biggest in the UK and they sell to J&C Joel, Camstage, Blackout, AVM.......you name the AV company.....they sell to them! You cant buy direct from Harkness as they are trade only.

Speaking as an insider with over 30 years experience in the industry.



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I get these made up cheaply and quickly in the UK by Harkness Hall quite often.


They are called event screens they come with holes all around or "web and eye top" with a pocket at the bottom for a scaff bar.


If kept on a roll and looked after they can last for ages.


I prefer them to Garrets. If you are a professional I'm sure they will sell to you.

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