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Arena Black Hawk 280


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I have manuals for this but they won't help you as they are the ones I used to create the Avolites personalities. According to my records this personality has been confirmed as controlling the fixture correctly by two separate customers (most recently we had some feedback for minor corrections to one of the fixed colour names which was wrong in the manual).


Assuming you're certain everything is setup correctly and otherwise working ok it is possible that there has been a firmware revision or similar. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Alternatively you could try making your own charts by patching as Generic LTP in 'Raw, 1 DMX' mode (similar to patching as dimmers except you can easily see the raw DMX values instead of percentage which is not accurate enough). This will require some trial and error (for example you will need to find and set dimmer at full and shutter at open in order to see everything other than pan/tilt) and it might not be possible to determine all functions (particularly things like reset) but you should be able to get close with some perseverance. I suggest compiling the results in a spreadsheet.

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Hi Nick, thanks for the info. I now also have the manual and you are correct you profile is correct according to the manual.

But there is a problem with the prism, focus and colour wheel, it looks as if someone has altered the calibration settings.

I am going to do the 24 dimmer channels today I let you know the outcome. Firmware was same as manual BH B2.0

The desk is Titan mobile running 11.0 and I happy its set up ok.

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