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Intersting peices in Stand OuT mag


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Two interesting articles in this month's Stand Out mag https://issuu.com/cimonline/docs/stand_out_september_2018_-_lr/106 one on Derig safety p 112 and another p 105 on the new management of the Game Fair which contains the interesting comment from the new organiser that "as soon as I looked at suppliers outside the event industry my prices halved on some of the installations".
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Just a couple of comments, Roger.

Fatigue management is indeed crucial at get-out as people are usually more tired then but an integral and crucial means of avoiding problems is nutrition. Low blood sugar levels cause as much fatigue as long hours, IMHO, and was the reasoning behind my insistence that people ate. This meant scheduling work to allow for food breaks and ensuring that decent food was available.


I would be fascinated to know who, if anyone, signed off the structural integrity of stages made by a sawmills whose website is all about firewood. Of course one-off timber structures like bars etc might be cheaper to buy but they won't last as long and will need skilled maintenance and installation. Like many trade-press articles there is a lot of detail missing but if they really expect one-off event infrastructure to sit around all year in the UK weather I suspect they are in for a shock.


I wonder if they think they can use pyro on a wooden stage?

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