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Avolites pearl 2004

Louis sullivan NLS

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Yes, the 2004 version..


Is it possible to quickly transfer across playbacks already programmed fora show, and turn them them into a cue stack?




Niclights might be along soon with a better idea, but here is my 2p's worth...

Classic Pearl didn't do cue stacks as such, however it did have "theatre mode" which was effectively a single cue stack. There is a "Record stage" mode, so you could just put up each playback in turn, and then save each into a cue in theatre mode by pressing [Record Stage]. Timing info on the playbacks wouldn't transfer, you would have to set the times again.


Theatre mode occupies playback faders 12-15 so you cannot access playbacks on those faders, you would need to move playbacks on those faders somewhere else before entering theatre mode.

See chapter 8 in the user manual...





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