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I found this - .Gov web site. It searches various trades and circumstances to show you the licenses that exist and what you need.


Worth a fiddle with.....

Thanks, Paul. Even at my age it raised a licence I have overlooked in the past and got away with because the Licensing Officer was less informed than even me. How many more of us have erected an archway for an event finishing line or entrance to a site where we should have obtained a "Street Works" permit required to erect scaffolding in a public place? It never occurred to me despite knowing that scaff on pavements is always licensable.


The person to discover the most unusual licence on this site wins the internet.

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I did at one time apply for a permit to use a monkey in public, and have the Council office look at me as if I was mad - "can I have a license for a trained monkey please".



That's a basic error Paul - everyone knows that a council only has experience of un-skilled monkeys...... ;)

[council employee disclaimer]

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