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GLP Impression 90 RGB


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Hi All,

I'm in the market for a compact LED wash moving head. The GLP Impression 90 has taken my eye. The only feature they don't have is a zoom, however the asking price on second hand units might allow me to drop that function.


We are looking to mainly use them for bands, and theatre work.


Has anyone got any reviews/opinions on using these fixtures for band and theatre work? The tight 10^ beam angle has raised some concerns for using them as a wash fixture...... Has anyone used these units in wash application?


And unfortunately buying the larger lenses isn't an option due to their price.


What are peoples thoughts?


Thanks :)

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We have a half dozen of these units at College. They are reasonable units, fairly quick, good colour with an acceptable white from just RGB and really compact.


However, as mentioned, they are old units now. We have had three main PSU’s fail. They are a long term loan from GLP so they have sent us spares in the past. There is no unused space in the unit, so they are a pain to service.


The only other thing that annoys me is they are only 3-pin DMX. They are also no use as wash units, we use them as moveable specials.

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