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Small Theatre Sound System


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1st forage over here. I'm normally in the lighting forum. We recently crashed one of a pair of Mackie Thump TH15A amp/speakers. This is the 2nd time in a year!

I think the long lead from the mixer to the stage makes them susceptible to local lighting strikes (we're in the heart of FL) by conduction. Rather than replace with Amp/Speakers we are considering using powers amps in the control booth to feed speakers on stage like we do on the main theatre (and I think gives us a better sound)..


So - questions; Would you use a Stereo amp for both sides or two separate amps? Secondly, if we do look at Stereo amps and see "500 Watts" are they saying "Two channels at 250 Watts each"? The Thump TH15A is rated at 200 Watts so we want at least 300 Watts Per channel.


And, if any one wants to throw in a Amplifier / Speaker setup they would recommend for a smaller (150 seat) theatre it would be gratefully accepted.

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The TH15A is really a bargain basement active speaker - it may be that they simply aren't up to the job. If you're really sure that it's lightning related (which I doubt, as it would also be damaging your mixer outputs), you could try putting a line isolator between the speakers and the signal cable.


If you want to use a separate amp then surely you'll be buying new speakers - I doubt there's any way to bypass the internal amp of the TH15A. If you're looking at amps in a similar price range to the speakers then you may find that 500W means 250W per channel - the tech specs will confirm either way.

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