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Wind shields for miniature shotgun mics


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I'm looking for generic replacement foam windshields for miniature shotgun/rifle microphones, specifically Audio Technica ES935 and AT935 models. The capsules are 8mm diameter and 130mm long. Struggling to find anything other than super expensive ones marketed for camcorder microphones - does anyone know of a source of this type of thing? Ideally UK as I'm wanting them for early next week. I've tried Google but perhaps I'm searching for the wrong terms..

Many thanks!

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What do you count as being "super expensive"?


The replacement A&H unit seems to be just £13?


I'd suspect that would a) perform much better and b) fit much better than a third party product?

Thanks for that, £13 is far more reasonable than I'd anticipated. To be honest I thought the product was out of production and unsupported by the OEM so my bad there!

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