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Trantec connectors


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IIRC (it's been a few years since we sold all our Trantec S5) the earlier racks were TNC, but the more recent were industry standard BNC.

This was a pain, as you had to carry adaptors, otherwise would find you had the wrong antennae cables for the rack to hand.


It was buying a load of this Trantec stuff, which seemed good on paper at the time, then replacing it a few years later with Sennheiser G3, that hit home the lesson, "buy once, cry once".

The other thing I really don't miss about Trantec S5 is those dreadful handhelds with the counter-intuitive mute switch! I digress...

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I'm trying to identify the INTERNAL connector, where the pigtail from the TNC connects into the board.


It's like an older car aerial plug but much smaller ~4mm diameter and 10mm long overall.

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