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Samson Expedition XP150

Robin D

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Hi guys and girls.


I been handed a Samson Samson XP150 that belongs to my old state school where I volunteer doing a bit of tech (mainly lighting). When plugged in the LED indicator comes on very faintly in green. However, nothing from the outputs. (By faint, it can't be seen in daylight). It's supposed to be green and go red when near to clipping. When powered off, the LED stays the same for about three seconds then gives a lovely multi-colour lightshow at full intensity for a second or so. :o


No-one at the school knows how old this is, but it looks relatively new and is in good physical condition. I've taken the mixer/amp out of its cabinet and the on-board fuse is fine and no signs of component damage or overheating. I've checked the on-off switch is working but have been unable to find a circuit diagram.


Anyone had one of these apart, and if so, what should I be looking for? Or is there a repair shop that will do this at a reasonable price bearing in mind we can get a new one for just over £200?


Thanks ..

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Have you contacted Samson support directly? They were helpful and happy to send me schematics for a Hartke amp which came in (they own Hartke). That was a couple of years ago. I contacted them through the support page on their web site.
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