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Kramer Fibre DVI cable repair


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As nobody has replied yet I will just say they are usually considered trashed if not working, return to Kramer and see if they will do a replacement.


I do know one hire company that claim to have repaired them but can't say I would trust it.

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Not used the Kramer specifically - however a lot of the pre-made HDMI/DVI fibre cables have some copper running between the TX and RX heads.


What we have found happens quite often is through continued coiling/uncoiling, the copper can start to get twists in it, which effectively shortens their length and puts a bunch of strain on their solder joints to the PCB's which then fail.


If you are okay with an iron, try cracking the case on each end and confirm that any copper that runs down the fibre is soldered in securely. Any that have come out, resolder, and then apply some wicking superglue or similar down the outter insulation to bind the copper to the jacket on the fibre and then put some epoxy over the solder joints to allow the case to provide some pressure to the join.


It is a bit of a messy fix, but we found that intermittent issues we were often experiencing with premade fibre reduced to next to nothing and breathed a fair amount of new life into our broken stock. Across the company we had about 400 cables in stock, about 200-250 were sitting in piles marked out of service. We probably got 150 back into stock - the rest had broken connectors (DVI connectors are quite soft on the ones we have) or had experienced fatal damage to the cable - like major slices.

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