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Total Fab Truss, 250kg Motors, Chain blocks


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Morning all,

This is a total blag post. Hoping somebody out there may be able to help, or point me in the right direction and save me a bit of leg work.


For a rapidly approaching (next week) charity fund raiser Gala (yada yada) I need to source:


1 length Total Fabrications Light Duty Truss (308mmx308mm square) (anything over 1.5m) to supplement existing stock. (I can't find anybody who stocks this)


1 short length of other light duty box truss (between 1m and 2m long) - any type, will be used on it's own.


4 off 250kg (ideally) motors - something like Lodestar theatrical. Ideally they are as quiet and as fast as these sort of things can be (hence going small). Double Braked would be fantastic.

Controller and cable for above.


4 off manual chain blocks - 1/2T minimum, 10m chain drop.


I have some money for this, but not as much as I should to just go direct to a supplier. So hoping somebody might be able to help with bits at mates rates (I am your mate aren't I?)


Where? - London (N1) (obviously I'd sort transport but it's a cost factor)

When? Tuesday to Friday 8th-11th May (or next week as we say in the trade).


Any pointers or offers greatly appreciated.



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you could try Neg Earth they are in the right area, they may be willing to help, I know foys have total's truss, no sure if they can help you out, they have most of the rest of it too, again probably not for what you want to pay out.......
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Fentura in forking stock prostars and total fabs xo, ov, and other trusses


Dorking, not forking


Or, coloursound stock prostars, but not total fabs truss, give Hayden a bell, he’s always worth a try for a good price.

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