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titan question


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I'm a regular MagicQ user but trying to get to grips with a tiger touch 2 running 10.1.


One of the things I like to do on MagicQ is have various playbacks on the execute window which stomp, so things like set looks are a simple 1 button press.

On MagicQ you can zone areas of the execute screen so you can have different groups of playbacks that only stomp within their own group.


Is it possible to achieve something similar on the playback window in titan?

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Unfortunately it is not possible to do this directly at the moment although a solution is on the list.


In the meantime you can achieve it with a combination of cuelists and release macros.


Shame, its a handy feature.


Of course with fade out times its viable to manually toggle playbacks but it is a pretty obvious way of making virtual playbacks more manageable. (especially on smaller desks like the quartz and wing)



hopefully it might make it into future versions.

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