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no DMX controll on Martin roboscan 518 after TLC

ben robertson

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I have recently aquired 30 x martin roboscan 815 for 11.50 a piece.

I am looking to refurbish them over time

recently I cleaned the optic train on a unit and after reassembly(previously tested all functions as A OK),...I have no DMX control.

I have rechecked all cabling, fuses external and internal

the unit goes through the std sensor check / positional of mirrors / gobo's

any vintage techs that might have some idea id love to hear from you. while 11.5 0 a piece I am hoping to get as many of these operational as possible

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I think that you'll need an adaptor that swaps pins 2 and 3 of your DMX cable over, as some (all??) older Martin fixtures had the pins the 'wrong' way round.


Now stand by for all the pedants in the audience to pipe up and say that any three pin DMX isn't 'legal' :)

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Is it definitely resetting the colour and gobo wheels correctly? If it doesn't sense the magnet/opto (depending on which version it is) properly then it'll reset the mirror and sit quietly spinning whichever wheel has the issue for eternity and won't respond to DMX as it's not finished it's reset procedure.
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Thanks for the prompt reply.


I did cross the swapped pin issue at the time of purchase .. really odd behaviour from Martin MPC software resolved by use of correct cable, prior to this the oldest martin fixtures I had used were MX4 and MX10's, which didnt need and cross over cable


I have toggled all the DMX switches up and down and returned to me test profile


I will check the internal jumper pins as its possible they were disturbed when refitting the cables to the main board (possibly changing the mode)


Mirror pans to left, colour and gobo spin and come to rest when optic sensor sees gap in wheel shutters on lamp move to close position


how easy / hard is it to kill the board from static charge?


I made sure I was earthed in the initial disassembly, I figure these need to be reasonably robust, and the fact that self test / gobo alignment carries out indicate board should be good

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After talk of the sensor on this forum and else where, I rechecked the sensor for the colour wheel on the optics train and noticed that when resetting its position after replacing the colour wheel that the sensor was angled in a little deeper than previously, so the sensor was not sensing the gap / notch in the wheel.


After angling the optical sensor out a few more degree's. it seems the self-test/calibration logic must be met


to observe this, I had to put the fixture in standalone mode ( DIPS 2,11) Auto mode no audio required)


it would seem that DMX is only activated once all calibration has been carried out.


Thanks for the input .... problem solved


5 units down 25 more to go...

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