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12 way monitor boards


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What ever you hire its gonna be pretty big for that number of sends. Not sure what your budget is but unless you can find a Spirit Monitor, then your looking something like Soundcraft SM20, MH3 or 4 or Heritage 3000 all of which are good monitor boards and are in plentiful supply.
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You have plenty of options dependant on your budget. Something like a Crest X-Monitor will be perfect for your needs. Reasonably priced, sounds very good and has 12 direct auxes. I don't want to get slapped by the moderators for any form of advertising so PM me if you want to talk about rental specifics.
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Hi Paul,

we have a 32ch allen & heath ml4000 in our hire stock which has 12 auxes and can be configured as a monitor desk should the need arise.

It has the nice A&H 4 band eq on each channel and can be tipped by two blokes ( providing they have had their wheatabix !) and has quite a compact frame size.

otherwise something like a soundcraft sm12 or the new midas siena would be an option

Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk about hire rates.Although a good guide is allways the wigwam price list which I t ink is available on their site



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Currently the choice is not a bad one. There are plenty of good quality, well priced multi purpose boards that would meet your requirements such as


Soundcraft MH3 & MH4

Midas Sienna

A&H ML5000


That's before you get onto the big boys and older desks such as


Midas XL3, XL250 or Heritages

Soundcraft SM12, SM16 or SM24

Yamaha PM3500M





Where abouts are you based, could always put you in touch with a couple of local(ish) rental companies for quotes etc. Do you ahve a monitor system or would you need to hire one aswell?



Anyway hope that helps

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