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Sennheiser G3 receiver problems


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So I have two identical sennheiser g3 receiver units, both are positioned next to each other and both are tuned to the same frequency (purely for test purposes) One is receiving a lot of interference and giving us a horrible short sharp "pssst" while the other has none. neither receiver has any mics transmitting to it.

I have tried swapping the power supplies (both are plugged into the same power strip to a single wall socket)

I have also tried switching off our hearing loop.

Wondered if I just have a faulty receiver or if anyone can think of any possible solutions?

Thanks in advance

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What’s the squelch setting on them both? If you tune them both to a different frequency does the problem persist?


In particular ensure that pilot tone squelch is enabled look on page 40 of the manual. This is the feature that mutes the receiver if it does not have a transmitter with a pilot tone broadcasting to it.


Sometimes this gets turned off if people use old transmitters like the G1 series with newer receivers.

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