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Numa Stage keyboard issues...


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Hello. It's not quite on the usual topics going around, but I'll try! Many learned tech minds and a few musicians here, I know.


I'm using a Numa Stage keyboard at the moment for a few gigs... Past few nights it's rebooted itself during the night. Tried a few IEC cables and different power at the gigs. Some on generator, some wall power (both at venues and home)... Couldn't seem to replicate it with any consistency. Reinstalled software/firmware already.


BUT THEN it started not responding to the keyboard and then spitting the whole MIDI buffer out in one giant mess! So I'm guessing there's more to it than a faulty power socket... I'm using a Roland Integra-7 module (5 pin MIDI) for sounds and that seems to check fine on a different gig using a Yamaha P45/85/95(?) on the same MIDI jack.


Further testing at today's gig reveals it's not just the MIDI out that is affected, but also the internal engine, which I tried to use today as a backup incase it was the Roland module. Switching between MIDI and internal did not help. The power cycling hasn't happened at all for a while. Any known problems or things it could be? MIDI transceiver? It's so hard to make happen on demand, which is the worst type of issue!


It follows the same pattern - one note will hang/sustain for a while and other notes are normal. Then. maybe 10secs later, everything will buffer up until it does a kind of rhythmic pulse with all of the played notes at a steady tempo before becoming unresponsive and unpredictable.


I can look at the instrument - I'm comfortable with a meter and replacing simple parts if need be - but would need a service manual. Fatar are not known for giving stuff away and where I am in the world is not the easiest place to 'just take it to a dealer...'


Thanks for any ideas!



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88b04270_676f_41fe_940e_865c18357f76.jpg 8363ef02_6a80_4a8c_98fd_958a7dc9ede5.jpg


Well, just as a reference and for completeness if anyone needs it in future - reloaded the samples and firmware on it. No change.


Got some time today to open the thing up. Was surprised to see the power arrangement! To people who worry about opening stuff up and mounting their switchmode wall-wart inside units - it seems good enough for Studiologic. Just glue in an IEC inlet and a stick a $3 PSU in.


It's a really really light generic 12V switch mode PSU and flying leads. Doubt there's a very good transformer in there. There's a loose connection on the terminal receptacle with the first circuit board, anyway - so hope a quick solder touch up will do it.


Input 100-240V AC

Output is 12V@2.5A; centre +


So, gonna replace the PSU with something a bit nicer and reflow the joints.


See what happens…



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