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Hi there

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some software. I'll try and describe the need...

For a particular show, I had a 6m front truss and a 5m rear truss, on winch-up stands. The truss had pipes on the top to brace it from front-back movement, and diagonals from the top front down to the stage. In doing so I used maybe 25 scaff clamps, and various bits and pieces of scaff pipe, stand adaptors, and so on.

Is there any way to put a 'picture' of this into a program- in much the same way as you do in, say, WYSIWYG- and have it spit out a list of parts required (LX example would be - 12 par64's with frames, 4 cuts each of red/grn/blue/yelo) ?

If I need to clarify this, please tell me... but that's what I'm after. I'd rather it did it automatically, so I don't need to put everything in a CAD program and then manually count it up.

Plus I'd like the designs to be a little neater than just pen and paper.




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Most standard CAD programs will do this.

- Autocad, pro/Desktop & pro/Engineer, Solidworks etc.

My personal favourite is Solidworks, but the cheapest is pro/Desktop.


However, they work by creating assemblies and you have to physically put all the clamps etc into the design.


Then you can easily create a list of the parts and quantities used in the design.


I've not heard of any specifically made for scaffolding though.

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