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Carry cases

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At the moment we have a bunch of laptops and iPads to go on jobs, currently we store and ship them in peli type cases as they fit perfectly, but they are pretty big.


Ideally something that is robust to be in a flightcase, but not too bulky and will carry the cables (mostly power + DP adapters). Does anyone know of a brand or model that exists for such ? I keep searching aluminium shell but its always more of a sleve than a case/box affair.


The laptops are 17", and the iPads are annoyingly ALL the variants, from original (seldom used) to the new super big ones.




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I use a 1495 for my "engineering laptop" when working on board vessels in docks as it protects my laptop from getting bashed / broken when moving up and down ladders onboard. It's quite heavy once the laptop is in, but I've got a laptop, two power supplies with leads, and lots of WI-FI scanning tools in the box. The only thing I would do with this model of case is remove the metal bracket from the lid for the combination lock as this lock jams in the conditions that we have use it in - I think it doesn't like hot and sandy locations or it could be users generally checking them around that isn't helping.


The Pick N PLuck foam is not good at holding heavy laptops still I would get a reseller to do custom foam for heavy or very valuable kit.


They should be easy to find as there are several UK distributors for Peli and lots of resellers.


Peli do have specific cases for tablets under their HardBack Case brand. I've not tried these but the specs look good.


For other situations I've used a medium sized top loading case to hold several laptops / tablets for shipment around the world and have never had a breakage of anything within the case - when with the user that's a different issue. Our cases have been checked in and out of all sorts of transport on lad sea and air and Peli and Explorer cases have always come back home just scuffed with the contents in tact.

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We have generic peli cases already. I think the peli only come to being 5cm smaller depth, and a bit bigger in the other two dimentions. And 5 times the cost!


The ipads are the biggest issue so much space lost, but it needs something more than a sleve.


Having said that I know they are robust but it feels like there should be some creative storage that exists.

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