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Seck 18:8:2 Analogue Mixing Desk

Nick Power

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New member & 1st post.

I have a Seck 18:8:2 mixing desk which has had little use & been boxed for the last 25 years. It's complete with manual, power supply & boxed in original packaging & in perfect condition. Also have multicore cables to go in & out of a patch bay.

Wanted to know where the best place to sell something like this would be, & how to get an idea of what it would sell for. It is a very large & heavy box so shipping might be a problem too.

Any suggestions or advice please.



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There are obviously the classifieds here. eBay has a much larger collection of potential customers, but they are increasingly annoying to deal with.


I suspect the desk may be worth more to a collector or enthusiast rather than selling it at random to someone for more general use.

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