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DMX laser Issue


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Hi all, currently in act 2 dress tech for panto and we've just rigged a DMX laser that has been lent to us. We've got it to do the effect we want at ground level on address 1, from a USB DMX dongle on my laptop. The address it's going to be on, from the ION desk, is 481. When the laser is addressed to 481 and is patched in on my laptop to address 481 it does not respond. We don't have a manual nor can we find one online. Just wondering if anyone has come across a problem before of a fixture 'ignoring' DMX addresses above a certain Vale??




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Only if the device doesn't implement DMX properly, but it does happen.


Keep trying lower addresses until it works... Then you'll know. Also it would be worth trying it on the proper console as some DMX dongles output difficult DMX.

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