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Geni PC-box interface

Chris L

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It's worth remembering that with a far-eastern brand like Geni they often don't make the product so you'll find the same unit badged with many different names. So, for instance it may also be branded Chauvet, Skytec, ACME, Showtec etc etc.


Try broadening your search.




just spotted that it's also called Sweetlight

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I have spent the best part of the last 2 days searching for a UK supplier of this and have failed.  Has anyone else tryed and had any luck?

It basically gives you a DMX 512 signal through USB from software.

Product overview:http://www.geni.com.tw/new/Pcpro/en/page3/page32.html





http://www.sweetlight-controller.com/en/page3/page32.html has an english and french site which may be of help. It also appears they know how to publish websites (ie not to use backslashes in paths) slightly better.


apparently they were at plasa 2004. Not entirely sure I remember them though...

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