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EAW VR51 high frequency issues


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EAW VR15 speaker with no HF. I've swapped in another horn/dirver from its twin on the other side of the stage and I get nothing at low input levels then harsh sounds from the horn with high input levels. Using the horn/driver from the bad speaker in the good cabinet gives no HF. So it looks like the crossover failed and then maybe the diaphragm followed.


I can't find a clear parts listing online. So far my googling has found:


HF Driver: EAW DC10/1703-8 (8 ohm)

LF Driver: LC15/3003-8

Crossover: ----- NO INFORMATION -----


But honestly I can't be sure of any of the above information. If anyone has any better information please help.




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Hi Alan. That doesn't explain the harsh sound when you were using the good horn in the bad unit. It sounds as though you will still have a bad signal feeding the new diaphragm which, if it has a d.c. component, will damage the new part. If I were you I'd thoroughly check out the amp and crossover before risking a new diaphragm. Does the LF on the bad side sound ok? You might also check out the working horn on its own. It certainly shouldn't behave as you describe if everything else is ok on that side.
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Thanks for the advice. I've gone back and tested the amp/xover.


Looks like the horn I thought was good actually has an issue too. This would explain the odd behaviour.


In the case of the totally failed horn a new diaphragm fitted today has it sounding perfect.


I've tested the amps and crossovers and they all appear to be ok.

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