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Vintage/mains voltage fairy lights


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I'm lighting a show next month which is set in the 80's and has need of a large number of practicals. I'd really like to source as many mains-volt incandescent strings of fairy lights as possible. Partly for the vintage look, and partly as they will dim, whereas newer LED fairy lights won't.


My issue is sourcing them. I'm pretty sure they're not manufactured any more, so I'm looking for any leads on where I could find some used, either as a buy or a borrow. I've already looked into eBay and had limited success.


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Although less popular than in years gone by, mains voltage fairy lights are still readily available.


Sets of 20 lamps in series, each of 12 volts are very common, my local pound shop had them. Clear or coloured. Genuine Pifco Christmas lights have become collectable and sell on fleabay for silly money, but other brands are much more reasonable.


I would avoid the strings of 12 M.E.S. lamps, each of 20 volts, 3 watts as these are not only expensive but of very doubtful safety by todays standards. A number of vendors offer modern battery powered LED Christmas lights that look vintage to all but experts.




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