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Custom Sized Decking


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I'm looking to find a designer / fabricator to quote for manufacture of 16 custom sized decks.


All the same size, approximately 6' x 2'6".

Generally flexible on the design of the deck itself, other than ply top and 4 leg pockets at the corners.

Quote can be for metalwork only, or to include painting and ply. I can do the latter if needed, but think it's best I don't try the welding!


Happy to hear directly from anyone that's interested in quoting, or recommendations for who I could contact for such a thing.

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You could give Alistage a call but they themselves suggest that custom building decking is pretty much a once in a blue moon thing due to costs.


Most manufacturers of Steeldeck and Litedeck will build to your design but it is all eye-wateringly expensive. If you can design around what they already have it would be easier and cheaper. The rigs, jigs and fixtures already exist.

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