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MSC for Jester TLXtra through windows


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Hi, at school we have a Zero88 Jester TLXtra and I want to be able to trigger things like the "Go" button through MIDI. I only have access to windows laptops, so was wondering if there is any free software that will allow me to send the required Midi Show Control (MSC) signals? I have multiplay, but it doesn't have MSC functionality yet, and I doubt it will be developed any time soon, so any alternatives or work-around would be very much appreciated!




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Midi-ox is a swiss army knife for all things midi if you don't mind poking about in message buffers. I think it will let you create arbitrary sysEx messages, including MSC, but I'm not at my own PC atm so can't easily check.


OTOH ... this is a bit off the wall, perhaps ...



#include <mmsystem.h>


doesn't fill you with fear or make you scratch your head, it's not that hard to write your own application to send SysEx messages through your MIDI interface.

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I have done this very thing. I use Bome MIDI Translator (Other programs are available). Dead easy to use and very stable.


Hi, I have tried for a while today to make this work, and unfortunalty I just cant get it to work, could you give me any more detail or advice?


Thanks Lewis



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