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Newbie advice on Jester 12/24


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Hello all,


I have inherited use of a Jester 12/24. I have read all the manuals and data sheets and have a question about the aux buttons.


The board has 24 faders that I can use to control the 24 chanels on the dimmer racks its connected to.


The manual also mentions that I can assign the flash buttons to auxillary functions for strobes/smokes etc.


Does this mean I can use the faders to control channels 1 - 24 then asign DMX channel 25 to an aux button and contol a strobe or smoke machine like that or is my understanding of the wording of the manual wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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You read it right - that's exactly how the Aux functions work - and you can set a discrete value for the Aux too, so you don't have to set the strobe to full bright or the smoke machine to full output (assuming that you're connected DMX devices have level control via DMX - not all do).
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If I remember correctly you can have full control over the aux channel as you can hold down the shift key and push up the fader, it then directly controls the Aux channel, or you can set an 'on-off' level and pressing Shift and the relevant bump button will toggle between the two levels.


If all this sounds too good to be true, be aware that Aux channels are NOT recorded into the cue stack. I once thought I had plotted almost a full show with channel 1 as a dimmer, and Aux 1 as that lantern's Scroller channel. it was only afterwards we realised that the AUX does not record. At the time we thought we basically had a 96 channel desk...

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