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LED netting suggestions


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Hi all,


Hoping for a few recommendations/suggestions.


Looking to add a nice LED netting effect above our auditorium as we near Christmas. Struggling to find anything appropriate..


Previous years we used standard LED Xmas lights, but these look a bit poor in my opinion. Looking for a net/flexible sheet that I can fly on the truss over the audience that can be controlled via DMX. No fancy effects needed, just something that will add a little touch over our festive gigs.


Can anyone suggest anything..?

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To buy or hire? Colourweb is fairly cheap to hire, simple to rig, DMX control, one universe if you don’t mind repeating patterns, or bung an old hippo 2 or resolume server on it and have an instant low res video roof for not much cash. Siyan or Coloursound would be my go to if london based, both have a reasonable quantity (or certainly did have, in recent memory)
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Cheers James, open to both to be honest, but likely a hire as I imagine it will be quite an expensive investment... That said, if it pays for itself over 2-3 years, I'd consider it.


Thanks for the heads up - shame though as I'm waaay up North. Given me something to look at though, so thanks!

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What about something like this?



Or this



Both fully DMX able or built in stand alone effects. They are also expandable to suit your needs!


The Festoon RRP is £299 a length. the Orb thing is £339 and £79 for an extension set!


Hope that helps.



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