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SCS 11 Issue


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Hi All,


I have a reoccurring problem running SCS 11 whereby some cues come up with the error message 'Sample Buffer Not found'. Not the same cue every time and not all of the time. This was dealt with first time around by disabling the anti-virus software but the problem has crept back in. Also, on triggering some cues there is an accompanying bang (as if a lead has been disconnected) and the file doesn't play unless I exit and restart SCS. Again not on the same cue and not all of the time.


Thoughts please.

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I'm on 11.6.2 and haven't seen this problem.


I'll join the crowd saying that contact with Mike Daniell is your best bet--he's the most helpful software developer I know anywhere. However, he's based in Brisbane, Australia so time zones may mitigate against phone support. I've always had good luck with his user forums--I usually get an answer withing a few hours from: http://www.showcuesystems.com/forum/index.php

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