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s-video to composite


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I recently got a Gforce fx5200 with tv out (s-video). I would like to output to my tv, but the image on tv is in black and white. I have played with the ntsc/pal settings and set to pal which is correct for my tv.

The problem I think is that the tv doesnt understand the s-video signal ( s-video wasnt around when the tv was bought).


The tv as a scart in and 3 phono ( 1 yellow, one red and one white- red + white = sound?) connectors.


Is there a converter to change the signal from s-video to something my old tv will understand? ideally I want a DIY kit so I can actually learn about what its doing rather then just buy (and im a student and making things like this usually work out cheeper)


any ideas?

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For the hard-of-searching:


Click me! Click me! Click me!



Release the dancing locks:




EDIT: For the truly lazy, the answer can be found here.

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