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Becoming a Qualified Electrcian

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I will be doing some C&G courses in June, and I was wondering, what in the eyes of the law and (or) insurance companies or employers, do you have to acheive to become a qualified electrician?


Nip Nip :P


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Well you have started on the right track, I take it that you are doing your c&g part 1 first, after that you will progress to C&G part 2,


This course in, theory covers every thing you need to know it is pretty comprehensive depends on your college and if your part or full time how much practical experience you gain as they say practice makes perfect, but you will be a long way of from knowing every thing there is.


You can take the nvq level 3 root after college, this is a practical exam and assessment showing your practical skills, as I said earlier you may gain a good knowledge at college.


I myself have done c&g part 1 and 2 and it gave me plenty of stead to be able to set my own business up, it does help having practical experience though, I gained mine whilst at college working for several different companies.


Its all very well having your nice little certificate, but if you cant carry out any tasks then it may be hard trying to find employment, best bet is find a company that will allow you on a day release to college, that way they may pay for your exams which are not that cheap.


Hope that is useful



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Forgot to say there are several bodies which once you have finished college you can join, of course at a price NICEIC, JIB and ECA are a few,


Jib stands for joint industry board and is a kind of register for electricains as far as I understand, generally you would have needed to have completed nvq3 I think.


However NICEIC and the ECA are bodies which you pay a fee and the pop round and have a look at examples of work which you have completed, normally as a company not as an employe for another company,


If you pass the assessments, then you can use there branded certificates and plaster your van with NICEIC stickers as with ECA.


More to the point, if you pass your c&g part 2 in a few years time this makes you (qualified) technically you get your pease of paper, but it is no good if you cant demonstrate any practical knowledge.


Some people may disagree with this, but at the end of the day as long as you are a safe electricain, work to the regs and practice good health and safety then your fine.

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I am looking for electrical courses for some of my staff to go on, hopefully day release. There were several colleges running courses a while ago but running a search recently I haven't been able to come up with anything else other than the city and guilds 1810 City of Westminster College at Paddington Green.

This is what I have tried so far:

I have tried google and most of the points are straight from this website.

Phoned city and guilds and have spent lotsa time on hold.

City and guilds website only link to get Paddington Green again

Look through some of the colleges on the ABTT website training section.

Metier / EQ and skilset nothing. Does the Metier / EQ website actually mean anything?? or is it just me?

Also through links to the PSA website and stagelink

learndirect website


any suggestions or is there anything I've overlooked?


thanks for any possible help

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The courses I have been looking at are C&G 2360 (parts 1&2) and C&G2381 (Electrical wiring regs), and 2391 (electrical inspection, testing and certification).

The 2360 I beleive is over a 2 year period (a year for each part) and the 2381/91 are both 3 day courses with an evening exam the following week, these are done through Southampton City College in Southampton, a bit far fetched if you are London based, but maybe the courses are available from some places in London. But due to the new electrical rules (yes, the really stupid ones, which allow you to do hardly anything to even your own house), it would be a good idea to book as soon as possible before the prices of this type of course rocket.


Nip Nip :blink:


<ammendment> whoops, forgot to mention, the 2381 and 2391 coiurses seem to run every 6 weeks or so. :P

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