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Mac 250 Gobos

Mr Wheeler

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Correct me if I am wrong but don't 250s use the same gobo size as the 500s? :P


Also have Martin stopped manufacturing the Mac250 and 250+ as they have gone from the website moving lights products section. They only have the mac250 Entour and the Mac 250 Krypton and of course the new 250 Wash speaking of which has anyone had much experience of them yet?

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DHA will supply any of their gobos to fit a mac 250, just ring and order them.


FYI Mac 250 gobos are NOT the same size as Mac 500 gobos.






Sorry my bad... just I couldn't understand why there website doesn’t list any library ones it only lists 500s or is this because other moving lights you have to specially order there size and they don't produce them as standard library items even if you want library images on you gobo… what is the price difference for Mac 250 sized gobo compared to the £7 or so pounds for a 500 gobo if you want just a standard library image not a custom?

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Couldn't tell tell you the price difference for mac 250 - 500 gobos, afaik neither are a 'stock' item in all patterns. I have only ever got mac250 gobos on a superfast service as they aren't a stock item and I only remember them last minute!


If your nifty with a pair of tin snips then I'm sure you could tailor mac 500 gobos to fit your 250s





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DHA Gobos are about £7 regardless of size so long as the gobo size is a size they have made before. With a mac 250 you should be fine!


I always think it is strange that you pay the same amount for a tiny mac 250 gobo as you do for say an A size gobo, but that is how DHA work. FYI...DHA are nice people to talk too!


I would use a DHA805 Medium leaf gobo as a break up, they work really well as break ups in our Mac 500s.


As for making your own gobos, I would never recomend it in an expensive mover. I once made a really detailed gobo (saying 'Instant Karmer' in a M size!) in a beer can. I put it in just a 650 watt profile and it lasted for a whole 30 sec before turning in to a wide circle! Waste of my time! (use curry take away packaging).

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