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Martin k1 hazer


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My k1 hazer isn't working as before, the pump is losing fluid on the top. I think something is clogged but I don't know for sure because of the black 'oil?' Element on the left side from the heater element.


There's almost no fluid going through the hose that's going to the black oil element and the PCB.

Are there any others having the same issue, or tips how I can find the issue.


There's no difference between 15% and 100% output. Some pictures are below






Thank you very much!

Regards dave

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Hi, the black item on the left is an air pump (there is another air pump through the bulkhead where the other clear tube goes). This is used for "thinning out" the haze, and also for purging the pipework when you switch the unit off.


You should not see any fluid in those clear pipes.


Have you tried to prime the unit?


If you have tried to prime several times and this doesn't help, probably the pump needs replacing (the red item).

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Thank you.


There was fluid in the air hose so I cleaned it.

I also ordered martin clean supreme fluid, and I hope that will work.


Is there another way to clean inside the heat exhanger? I don't know how it looks like on the inside.

There was a video about another hazer and is looks like this https://image.ibb.co/eHAL9v/IMG_3407.png

But I don't know if it's safe to just open the heater



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If you disconnect the tubes can you blow through the one that goes into the heater? If there is no resistance then the heater is not the problem.


Similarly, with tubes disconnected run the unit and see if it pumps fluid once the heater has warmed up (obviously this could be messy so be prepared).


If the fluid pump works and there is no resistance when blowing through the heater then it is probably an issue with the air pump (fluid in this would be a sure sign of a problem).

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I don't think you can get inside the heat exchanger, as far as I know it's manufactured as a solid block. But Nic's suggestion for checking that by blowing through it is good.


To test the pump with the tubes disconnected, run a prime cycle as this makes the pump run continuously. In normal haze mode the pump just does very short pulses and you probably wouldn't see much happening anyway.


You should also be able to feel air coming out of the clear tube if the air pump is working properly. The air pump makes a sort of mains hum type noise when running,

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I would phone Jem Service dept for further advice (in uk, not Martin)


+44 (0)207 084 5396


(slightly dubious about this number which is given on the Martin website as it is a London number and the service dept is in Lincolnshire - the actual Jem factory number is also found by Google which is +44 (0)1507 604399)

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