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Radio Mic Frequencies


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The G1 & G2 EW100 hand-helds have a (rather fiddly) mute switch - has it been dropped on the G3?


Yup - the G2 mute was that tiny slider on the base, and depending on where the rotating cap was positioned, the user might try either the mute, the on-off button (always by pressing as hard as possible as it didn't immediately respond) or abject pressing of the menu select buttons. Not ideal.


The G3 EW100 just has the on-off button and a knurled up-down-press menu "ring" but no mute switch. The G3 EW300 has a large mute switch on the body which can be programmed to be active or inactive; red LED to show 'on' or 'muted' or not light up.


The XSW handheld has a more "obvious" on off switch in the base and a slider mute switch on the body. It's a lot easier (IMO) for an untrained user to handle, and fits the scenario where a handheld gets passed around a group in order to contribute to a discussion. Of course, having an engineer control levels and mutes would be ideal, but that isn't always possible in the house of worship situations I provide gear for. The last job had XSW handhelds and EW100 lapels, all in channel 70, as the customer "wasn't going to pay for a licence just to use a microphone, thank you....".

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