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Cleaning Truss

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Okay, so how do you all clean truss? I've searched here, and done a google, and not come up with any decent results. I have a collection of truss, and it's been subjected to the rain and also hookclamps have put burrs on it.

Now, I assume that I can get rid of the burrs with some fine sandpaper, and/or a gentle file, but how do I clean the truss? I know it'll require lots of elbow grease, but... car/truck polish? metal polish?


I want it shiny again ;)



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I want it shiny again

Basically you're on a loser matey

We used to regularly paint truss black and then steam clean(pressure washer) it when the client wanted it silver but you always end-up with a naff dull grey alumium oxide-y type finish.

You could try asking the manufacturer to give it a looking at

I assume that you regularly get it inspected as it is a lifting accessory (LOLER and all that)

Keeping truss shiny is a nightmare which is why you pay over the top for "exhibition quality" truss as it's only got a finite time no matter how much bubble wrap you wrap round it before it looks slightly tawdry.

I would not personally be very fond of taking a file to truss as if an accident happened (god forbid) then are your manufacturers recommended span/ load tables still pertinant once you've been having a go with the old half-bastard.

I have tried Brasso and an oily rag before with some minor success but it never looks really good again

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One of the problems is that the surface of aluminium oxidises very quickly to a dull finish. This is a natural chemical reaction due to the relatively reactive nature of aluminium. (It prefers to remain as aluminium oxide when in contact with oxygen). You mat have noticed that scrathes are very shiny when they first appear but after a while they dull. This is a normal reaction. One way to help aluminium to remain decorative is to remove the coating and then lacquer it before the oxide coating can return however this is not really practical with truss.
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Be very careful with polish and aluminium. I will never forget the demo I was shown at school where the oxide layer was stripped with polish (think it might have been silver polish....) and the thing reoxidised so fast it set itself alight... Fun, but not what you want to happen.
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probably too expensive but u can get aluminium anodised silver.. that'll stop the oxidisation..


I've got trussing thats been powder coated white then painted with gloss paint :-( thinking of using a steam presure washer to get it clean to have it powder coated again..




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