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laptop/notebook protective cover


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Just got my new laptop and it occured to me that when I take it out to do technical work with it it is going to be sitting around and could easily get scratched by anything from gel holders to flightcases.


Is there anything out there you can buy which is a clear plastic protective cover that you can have on the laptop whilst in use to protect it from small scratches etc.





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I am in the process of getting a new Mac laptop (iBook) and I am getting an iSkin (have a look on the apple website) for it that is pritty much exactly what you describe. I don't know what company makes them (I don't think its apple) so they may do them for PC laptops as well.



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The wire lock is known as a "kensington lock". It won't deter a determined thief, but it will put off the casual thief. It may also assist your insurance - Our insurance at work does not cover gear that has been "lifted", but if "forced entry or violence" has been used it's covered. Breaking or cutting a kensington lock or bobble-chain counts as "forced entry".


Don't know of any sources of ruggedised covers, but please let us know if you find any. I once had a ruggedised laptop - a Panasonic toughbook - which was pretty bombproof. It's the sort of thing that gas board service engineers carry about with them...



I mayb be teaching granny to suck eggs here (what a strange expression!) but our IT helpdesk deals with huge numbers of laptops owned by students each year - I think we've dealt with about 2000 in the last few years. Surprisingly few get damaged, but the 2 most common problems are:


1. Leaving a pencil on the keyboard and closing the lid. Cracks the screen, which is usually an "uneconomic repair"

2. Spilling liquid on it. We've had everything from coffee and tea, through beer and alcopops, to a goldfish bowl {complete with goldfish). Sadly, neither the laptop nor fish survived.


And this year we had a melted keyboard. The guy that owned the laptop had it sitting on his desk, with a halogen desklamp slightly too close. The lamp bent over, and melted the keyboard.


We arranged for the keyboard to be replaced. But, worryingly, 2 weeks later, he managed to do exactly the same thing again.



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