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Resolume Avenue for events training course


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This is a quick post to let people who are interested in video know that Cortex training are running their Resolume Avenue for events training course in March and April.


Here is a link to the course overview




This particular course is tailored to teaching attendee's about using Resolume in the Live Event environment.


We are running a 1x day course on the 9/3/17


and a 2x day course on the 8/4/17


The 2x day course includes an extended section on creating content, video mapping and using multiple displays


If you interested in attending please email sales@cortex-training.com


Discounts are available for students and the unemployed


Thanks for reading


Have a good week



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Are you just using Avenue, or do you cover Arena as well? Avenue seems like a strange choice these days.




The 1x day course is based on using Avenue to manipulate video in the Live Event environment.


The 2nd day of the 2 day course is purely Arena and learnings its advanced functions for video mapping, merge projections, sending different content to different displays etc.


I should have mentioned this in the original post.


Kind regards







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