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Super Quick Drying Varnish/Glaze

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I am working with a Director whose catchphrase for the Design he has requested is "glossy." I have expressed worry that we will manage to keep the floor as glossy as he has requested it throughout the run. He has told me about a varnish or glaze he thinks he saw in use at Chichester when acting there ten or fifteen years ago. He says it was applied at the half and was good to go with a perfect gloss finish by curtain. I haven't ever heard of anything which could do this and was wondering whether anyone knows what it might have been? The Director and doesn't think he ever knew exactly what it was, but requested I ask around.


It sounds too good to be true, or at the very least too good to be non-toxic, but if anyone has encountered stuff like this, could you let me know?



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I imagine if it was warm and under lights, and a thin layer it would be reasonable but kinda sticky still.


Would a dance floor not be a better option ? But if they want a mirror gloss all the time it's going to need lots of love all the time.

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Agreed - Flints will know.

I've used Polyvine glaze for a high gloss finish on scenery and furniture, but it is quite expensive for floors. For that we used Bona Mega gloss lacquer. Also pricey. I wouldn't risk a coat at the half hour call, I would want to leave it overnight, but I doubt you really need to redo it for every performance. Bona Mega is designed to be a floor treatment for high-traffic areas, so will stand up to a fair bit of rough treatment.


another less high gloss and less expensive option is to paint your floor with Mylands vinyl silk paint (assuming you need a black or white floor that is). This will give quite a good sheen to the floor, also pretty resistant to heavy footfall. Quite quick drying, if the room is warm.


Flints sell all the above. Not necessarily the cheapest, but sometimes the cheapest is not the best option.


When I was at drama school, before all these fancy glazes were available, we used several coats of almost neat emulsion glaze to get a shiny finish on what was supposed to be a marble floor. Might be a cheaper option. but it was several coats to get the required shine, and each coat needs a couple of hours drying time really, so quite time consuming.


This is what you really need, but that definitely needs a decent production budget. And quite high maintenance.

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