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Trantec S2.4


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Anybody actually using a Trantec S2.4?

My boss bought us a S2.4 HBX system for occasional use for assemblies etc in our gym when the main hall is in use for other things.

OK - it's obviously an economy system, but since it's only for occasional use I figured it should be OK - EXCEPT:

The output levels seem unusably low, even with the audio volume on the receiver cranked up full.

Mics seem to pair with the receiver insofar as they switch to matching channel - but I don't get any tone/beep as suggested in the manual.

RF signal shows as good - to the top of the scale. Audio signal shows VERY faintly - 1 or 2 bars peak with the mic right up by my mouth. Same problem with both the supplied handheld and beltpack mics.


I've tried both the unbalanced jack and XLR outputs, and taken it over and put it through our main sound desk with input gain up full - almost no signal out. Completely unusable, lost in noise once it gain is cranked up full.


I've little experience of radio mic systems - We've a Sennheiser handheld system that just works, and some Trantec s4.4 beltpacks that have never been any problem, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong and they aren't syncing correctly, or have a faulty unit, or if the appalling output levels are normal for this system. Either way, unless it's me being stupid, this stuff is going to have to go back! Can it really be outputting a signal so vastly lower than say a wired dynamic mic?

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