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Strange item

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Gareth, (Whose sense of humour appears to be similar to mine) did speak thus:


[Eric Morecambe]

"Can he say 'mounting it stiffly'?" ... (pause) ... "No, 'mounting it stiffly' - but you were close!" :D

[/Eric Morecambe]


[Waggles specs accordingly] Wheyheyyy! [/Waggles specs accordingly]

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they're great for pin swapping, attenuators, and inquisative conversation!

For when that oh so 'useful' person comes up to you and says do you know what all those knobs do, you can pull out a male to female XLR coupler, and the stories are limitless....leaves them a little baffled!

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Hi Guys,


Here is the official answer ... its a straight wired adaptor!! Yes it does absolutely nothing other than offer a 2" XLR exstension.

If you are handy with a soldering iron a lot of people purchase them for modification.


We have however launched a phase inverted version for the next catalogue. (PM me for details)



Chris Beesley

Product manager

CPC Plc.

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Whilst searching on the cpc website I came accross this, is it described as an 'XLR male to female adaptor' this, to me seems to be completely useless unless you have lots of cables which have the same connectors on each end?


Maybe I have overlooked its purpose for being!

Any ideas? http://cpc.farnell.com/productimages/cpc/standard/CN00111.jpg


Anyway here is the pic




These items are specially designed. They are designed to be stacked so that people with short arms can hold 58s very close to their mouths.They also make a phase reversing version for people who sing backwards. Don't you know nuffink?

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