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Rugged CAT6 Cable


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I've got a few pieces of gear now that use Ethercon connectors, and I've been looking into what cable I can get to make up Ethercon cables that'll withstand being repeatedly being run and torn down for each show and still end up coiling nicely and not getting kinky. I've had enough of consumer-grade cables carrying all of my lighting data between the console and nodes that inevitably ends up bent since it's too rigid for coiling (same problem as consumer-grade PVC power cables).

I'm open to the idea of CAT5e if it's going to be significantly cheaper, but my research so far has suggested the savings won't be enough to worry about.

I've seen some things abour LSZH cable - any idea whether that coils nicely? I'm after about 100m, ideally in a colour that isn't black.

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Hi Alex


Tom here from AC. I'd be happy to provide you with some pricing and more information on the Tourflex range.


I'll send my email address over to you via PM.


If you are still interested let me know the kind of lengths required and I'll see what we can do for you.





Thanks all. Simon, what kind of price were you getting per metre on the Tourflex? I've been window-shopping and can't find anyone with an actual price.

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